The Ultimate Screen for Playing Counter Strike

Counter Strike is a fast paced, adrenaline fuelled first person shooter that keeps players on their toes and always guessing. Making a mistake in this game means your character dies, and players need to learn from the mistake. strike1

A new approach by the developers has shocked the classic first person shooter player, since many of them are accustomed to playing in maps that never change. CS GO, on the other hand, likes to randomly alter maps, and that means that even the most experienced players need to stay on their toes as all their experience will need to come into play, and not memory of the map and its sweet spots.

What Affects the Resolution?

Unlike the real time strategy games, first person shooter means that your biggest ally is your eyes. With many games a higher resolution and aspect ratio mean a higher field of view. However in a game that requires lightening quick reflexes, many choose to sacrifice graphic quality for a higher resolution and better performance. This is so that they have a clear picture, but can enjoy smooth gameplay, since such a fast paced game does not need to show the high quality details of individual blades of grass, or the precise and accurate depiction of a bullet hole.

Aspect Ratio Is a Key Aspect

Since this is a first person shooter game, quick reflexes are the name of the game. Expert players have also given this some serious thought and have come up with an interesting conclusion. This will come as a shock to many, and it is all too commonly noticed among expert players, that they have seriously brought down the aspect ratio to that of 4:3. strike2

Many find this odd, as many avid players compliment games on the quality of graphics as well as gameplay. The answer comes down to real life biology; the smaller aspect ratio gives players a smaller field of view, and that means less visual information for the eye and brain to process; and less information to process means a faster reaction time.

The Most Common Verdict

While many offer different insights based on testing and varied opinions, the most common resolution that CS GO is played on is 1280 x 960 as a resolution coupled with a 4:3 aspect ratio. This is a common set up that some of the best and most competitive players use. A trend that has sparked discussions and very often the same conclusion, that it is the ideal one to use.