Resolution to Play Starcraft

Starcraft is a game of strategy that gives you a bird’s eye view of the game. So as one would imagine, the more you can see, the better you can play. People sometimes choose to play in different views, so that they can get a potential tactical advantage. The resolution and performance chosen can be different amongst players, depending on their experience and playing style.starcraft2

Many online gaming forums give different opinions, which could be biased towards what the individual is comfortable with and can support in the terms of hardware. The game developers also have their opinion; they develop games with a specific set of resolutions in mind. While games will very often adjust to most resolutions, not all of them are usable in the way the game is developed, the intention being to give that enjoyable experience.

What Affects the Resolution?

Resolution isn’t simply a choice that people make depending on a personal preference; the monitor in question has what is called a native resolution that makes the picture clearer and sharper. This native resolution is the most natural look a particular monitor can present. This of course means that hardware is a big consideration. Bad hardware means performance issues, and that is not tolerable for any pro-gamer.

The resolution of a game will mean that a player can get perhaps a clearer picture, but the aspect ratio could make a difference by showing more in the your screen’s space.


In a game like Starcraft, more screen to view means keeping your eye on more things at the same time. Whether this is a boon to the player or not depends on each individual.


Most players would agree that the best resolution to play on is 1920 x 1080 with an aspect ratio of 16:9. This of course leans on the higher end of graphics capabilities, which means that any serious player will need some serious tech to go with it.

While many computers could manage this graphic quality, maintaining a high frames per second rate will result in more fluid dynamics and display. Lagging images are the bane of any gamer, as it is giving a tactical advantage to opponents that is equivalent to handing them the win on a silver platter.