How to Bet on E-sports?

E-sports is an all new king of entertainment that takes you off the pitch and into a stadium to watch gamers compete for titles in video games. It is competitive gaming unlike anything previously known to the gaming community. While this is not all that new, it’s only been in the last few years that interest has really peaked. The reason behind this is simple. The prizes are huge and the bets are just as big.champion
The first ever e-sporting event took place in 1972 at Stanford University. While the prize then was just a year’s subscription for a magazine, the tables have turned for any e-sport winner, as they now get large cash prizes that could sometimes go into the millions, and that means that everyone is looking for a piece of the action.

Competitive gaming involves games that can pit individual players or teams against one another in an adrenaline-fuelled experience that is not to be underestimated. Teams can collapse due to internal disputes as well as a key loss in a game, just like your traditional sports teams, and this means that tensions run high as well as the entertainment value.

Betting on E-sports

Unlike traditional sports, though, you won’t find bookies hanging around the stadium entrance. Nowadays it’s all online, and this is slowly turning e-sports into a lucrative and multi-million dollar industry. Many online gaming companies have seen the potential and they are all too happy to jump on the bandwagon and open their service to a new breed of players. The payments in- and out is handled online. Read more about payments on various bookies at, there you’ll get all the handy information about various payment methods, common issues etc.

Where to Bet

Various websites offer the opportunity to place bets on teams or individual players, very similar to traditional sports. These gaming companies offer odds of winning alongside various winning conditions that raise the stakes for harder-to-win but larger prizes.

An example of specific bets that can be taken is as follows: The first team to get first blood in a team death match of CS:GO. Anyone wishing to place a bet on this kind of stake would find the odds of success based on a team’s reputation and skill level. bet1

Unlike traditional sports, this is not simply a case of pitting, for example, a third division team against a premier league team of superstars; that would make the outcome obvious. In e-sports there is an element of luck to be considered, that, no matter how skilled a player or team is, there is still a chance of failure if fortune turns against them. This is especially true in games such as League of Legends, where everyone starts on an almost even keel, which means that at the start any player or team can take the upper hand.

This has made e-sports as adrenaline fuelling as a World Cup. The amount of people watching is smaller, but the excitement is just as high for anyone who places a bet and is eagerly watching a team, and wants to earn a big pay-out from the bet they have placed.